Bring Chess to the Streets!


Chess is the best game in the World in my opinion. However, it’s harmful how people see the game and its players. “Chess is hard, you have to be born with talent to play it, and it’s only played by nerds and old men.”

The mission of this blog is to change how people see chess, go through the basics of chess and to tell about chess history and culture in an understandable fashion. The blogs name “Katushakkia” is Finnish and means “Street Chess”. The idea is that anyone can learn to play chess well, if they put in the effort and study and play a lot.

Another idea of the blog is to point out, that chess doesn’t have to be so serious and rating-oriented. Of course players must always aim for a win or a draw, but having fun and developing your own game skill and thinking for the long run are the most important things in playing chess.

I’ve been playing chess since I was a child. At secondary school I went to a lot of live-tournaments, but stopped playing in them at high school. Still chess has stayed an important part of my life. The epic tales of players, the explosive fights on the board and developing your own skill and thinking are fascinating subjects to me. I’m going to start playing in live tournaments again in this fall.

I’m going to blog regularly and of different subjects related to chess. I may for example spot out a good game and analyze it, write about some concept of the game or showcase famous players. I am also open to suggestions relating to subjects. My goal is, that my blog wouldn’t be me preaching to you guys, but to be interactive with my readers.

If you have any ideas relating to my blog, comment below! And if you want to play chess with me, my handle is Mikaleminen1. Let’s arrange time for a game and play together!

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