Mikhail Tal – Chess Magician


Some chess players play the solid game. They like positions, where they have small advantages that they can slowly but steadily grow into a winning position. These players usually have long games and they end in a draw or a win, but not so often to a loss.

The Soviet/Latvian Mikhail Tal (1936-1992), the eight chess World champion, was a different kind of player; an attacking player. These players usually have shorter, more tactical games, that end in a spectacular win or a loss. Tal’s playing style was to create a complicated attacking position on the board, where he could see and invent the right moves better than his opponents.

If you want to get to know chess as a game, you should check out some of Tal’s best games. They are pretty and imaginative examples of what possibilities chess has got in itself.

A quite new and radical Youtube-channel called Outray Chess released an explosive video a couple days ago, where a guy tells about the 1959 game Tal – Smyslov from on top of a soviet tank! Now how cool is that?

Youtube’s chess-scene is full of matter-of-fact videos and blitz/bullet chess. While these videos have their places, I think there should also be some of these kinds of videos, that inspire people to learn how to play chess.

If you want to know more about Tal’s life, also check out the video on Youtube called “Top 10 facts about Mikhail Tal”.

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