17 Reasons on Why to Play and Study Chess


I list 17 reasons below on why people should play and study chess.

  1. It can be fun.
  2. You can develop your thinking with it.
  3. Learning it doesn’t ever stop, so it’s a hobby for a lifetime.
  4. It can increase your IQ.
  5. Playing chess prevents Alzheimer’s.
  6. It trains both sides of a brain (you are creative and rational at the same time).
  7. It increases your creativity.
  8. It betters you memory.
  9. It teaches problem solving.
  10. It betters your reading ability.
  11. It betters your concentration.
  12. It teaches planning and prediction skills.
  13. It teaches how to lose and try again.
  14. It can help your self-esteem.
  15. You can meet new people with the hobby.
  16. Its history is exciting.
  17. Winning is fun.



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