Bishop Dropped Like It’s Hot

Lähetti tippu

Everyone has got to start somewhere. Although I used to play in live tournaments, my chess skills won’t come back straight away, especially in new openings to myself. Starting and continuing to play are the most important things.

In this game, I used completely too little time on my moves (the times were 30min-30min), I was nervous, didn’t think and played very poorly. Still I had a good mood, since I started playing again and at least aimed for active play. One hundred of losses like this and I’ll start learning. I was playing white and the game was played in

  1. e4 c5

The opening is Sicilian Defense. White firstly takes the center with e4, black is prepared to capture on d4, if white moves a pawn there.

  1. f4 d6

Grand Prix Attack, d6 protects the c-pawn and opens a diagonal for the bishop.

  1. Nf3 Nc6

Players are developing their knights normally.

  1. Bc4 Bg4

Black pins the knight with his bishop. The move seems logical, since the black knight could at the next move jump on d4 and attack the white knight again.

  1. h3

I didn’t notice a bishop sacrifice on f7. 5. Bxf7+ Kxf7 6. Ng5+ Ke8 7. Qxg4 would’ve been a strong continuation, where white would’ve been on the driver seat because of blacks king safety problems.

5…Bxf3 6. gxf3

Capturing with the pawn is less effective than capturing with the queen. I thought over-confidently that the semi-open g-file would pay dividends at some point, but then black king can castle queenside or stay in the middle also.

6…e6 7. f5

Again, an over-confident move. I tried to open the line, although my pieces weren’t developed.

7…exf5 8. exf5

Deciding mistake, which leads to loss of a minor piece

8…Qh4+ 9. Kf1 Qxc4+ 0-1

I gave up. Maybe too early, but I had lost my hope. I have no compensation of the lost piece, my king is in a bad place, my pawn structure is destroyed and I trusted my opponent to be able to finish the job.

I learned these things from this game:

  1. Watch out for those f7 sacrifices, when your bishop is at c4.
  2. Don’ open lines, if you’re not developed.
  3. Develop your pieces!!!
  4. Don’t drop your pieces for nothing.
  5. Use your time to think.

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